The Founder & President

Mevin Munisamy has made a very modest and impressive ascension in his Professional life starting his own Business in the Tourism Sector and also a Part-time Social Worker, thus eventually leading to his award of a Graduate Certificate in Community Services Work (obtained by Charles Telfair Institute) Via Challenger Institute of Technology, Tafe, Western- Australia being the awarding body.

With the knowledge that he gained over the years, he decided to start an NGO and opted to name it LIGHT OF HOPE. With the help of his family and friends, he raised hope in the hearts of many! People expressed their concerns to Mevin, following which; the whole LOH team would find every possible ways to provide them with a stable life and career. Mevin and his team devote their free time educating the people living in slum areas about their rights; medical and hygiene importance, education of child, sanitation, empowerment and financial stability.

His kind and humble heart has opened eyes to several people & many have pitched in to support this cause.  He’s been a ray of hope for many and still continues to do the good work to serve the country without being said or told to. It comes from one’s heart that we must do something to serve the nation, which is a hard find these days and not many young people are willing to do so because of busy time schedule, work culture, overseas opportunity and not being paid for the work you do. This is where Mevin stands out and is applauded for the time and effort he puts in, for the sole purpose of helping the less fortunate.