About LOH

Light of Hope history

Light of Hope  has been licensed by the registrar of association of government of Mauritius is a social organisation and was set-up in April 2016 by the Founder Mr. Munisamy Mevin. The Board Members are from different regions of Mauritius. At first, it was an idea between friends which then materialised and gathered momentum across the island. Today, Light of Hope consists of a core Management team and hundreds of volunteers everywhere in Mauritius. The aim is to have at least a branch in every region, including Rodrigues.
Light of Hope, up to now, has proved its importance in the society where it has already undertaken several social actions, helping various families who are still living in poverty in different regions of Mauritius.

Our mission
Light of Hope, through different activities, tries to help so as to alleviate poverty. The NGO has already set up many programs to help children and families in need. School students/pupils are regularly helped through donation of school materials or follow up and assistance for tuition fees, amongst others. LOH also come forward to help needy families to have a decent living. The mission is to help the less fortunate ones of the Republic of Mauritius and to do a follow-up of their situation along with authorities, wherever possible.
Boosting education will be a direct counter balance for Light of Hope. In particular LOH will educate more children ensuring they will grow up to be empowered through learning to play their full part as citizens of Mauritius and pull themselves up and out of poverty.

Our vision
The vision of Light of Hope is of course to alleviate poverty in Mauritius. We are well aware that this is a national challenge, but which will not be won if authorities are left alone. We need an engagement between NGO’s and authorities to be able to fight poverty successfully. Light of Hope will continue to help in that direction through various projects and activities.